Prevents Algae, Barnacle, and Weed Growth

The ultrasonic wave created along the surface of the hull disrupts the cellular structure of micro fouling organisms (diatoms, marine bacteria, and algae) that collect on the hull. By disrupting the food chain, macro fouling organisms (barnacles, tube worms, and weeds) are prevented from adhering to the hull.

Saves Fuel

Fouling growth on the hull increases the coefficient of friction and reduces the hydrodynamics of the boat. Only 1 millimeter of slime increases the coefficient of friction by 75%! CleanAHull maintains a clean hull so the boat glides through the water easily.

Extended Range and Distance Traveled

With a smooth hull, fuel burn is reduced for the distance traveled. Having a clean hull will extend your vessel’s range under power and extend the distance traveled under sail.

Increases Speed

Your boat’s performance is designed and dependent on a clean hull, free of fouling. CleanAHull maintains your boat hull so it will perform and attain the speeds it was designed to do.

Saves Money – Reduces Operating Costs

Reduces cost of operations through lower fuel consumption, eliminates diver costs, and extends haul out intervals and paint life.

Diver Hull Cleaning Visits and Cost

By keeping the hull constantly clean, diver hull cleaning is a thing of the past.

Extends Haul Out Intervals

Because the bottom paint is not being removed by fouling and frequent diver scraping and scrubbing, your antifouling paint lasts longer and haul out frequency is reduced.

Extends Hard Bottom Paint Life (6-8 years)

Paint life is extended because it is not subjected to constant scraping and scrubbing, and degradation from fouling organisms.

Constantly Clean Bottom

Your boat is ready to go when you are. No waiting for the diver to scrape and scrub your hull so you can operate your boat efficiently.

Keeps Raw Water Intakes Open

Raw water intakes can be restricted by fouling growth. CleanAHull keeps the intakes clean and maintains water flow.

Keeps Sea Chests Clean of Fouling

A major headache of sea chests is fouling inside the chest and intakes. Simply mount a
CleanAHull transducer on the sea chest and fouling is eliminated.

Reduces Maintenance Costs

Boat ownership cost only starts with the purchase price. Maintenance plays a major role in post-purchase expenses. CleanAHull works constantly to reduce your maintenance costs.

More Time Using Your Boat

Fewer haul outs and time cleaning the bottom. If you do it yourself, means more time on the water.

Solves IPS Drive Fouling

One of the major drawbacks of IPS drives is the fouling issues, which can severely impede proper operation. CleanAHull transducers mounted directly to the IPS drive transmission solves the fouling problems and keeps your IPS drive functioning properly.

Solves Jet Drive Fouling

Fouling inside the jet drive ducts and the pump impellers is almost impossible to remove without disassembly. CleanAHull keeps the interior jet drive system clear of fouling.

Fast Pay Back

With the fuel savings, eliminated diver cleaning, extended antifouling paint life, and extended haul out intervals, owners are experiencing fast investment payback, some as quickly as 8 months!

Protects the Environment

CleanAHull Advanced Ultrasonic Antifouling technology is a totally green technology. It does not introduce any foreign materials and toxins into the marine environment. By extending the life of antifouling paints, it reduces their toxic effects on the environment as well. Reducing fuel consumption and extending range lessens hydrocarbon usage and reduces the carbon footprint of boat ownership.

Easy In-Water Installation

Because CleanAHull is bonded to the interior surface of the hull with no hull penetrations, it can be installed while the boat is in the water. There is no need to haul out for installation.

Suitable for Most Hull Materials

Works great on fiberglass, steel, and aluminum hulls.