Features of CleanAHull Ultrasonic Antifouling System

Advanced Smarts – Liquid Crystal Display LCD Display for up to the second status! Including Current, Voltage, Output Status and more!
Simple InstallationCleanAHull Footprint Over 12 months of testing and development to ensure the best and easiest mounting process to simplify the installation. Patented Marine Grade Anodized Aluminum mounting system.
Lexan Front Label Simple to use and easy to clean; high quality Lexan front label provides IP65 rating.
Smart Technology – ZERO Configuration Advanced self- monitoring program for ultimate protection with zero user configuration required.
Advanced Transducer Design In-house designed and developed transducer for improved efficiency and up to 30% more output for the same or less power consumption than the competition transducers.
Multiple Transducer Outputs 2 and 4 (Double and Quad) Options With multi- channel output you can choose from 2 or 4 Transducer output models.
Temperature Compensation Dynamic temperature control for longest operating life and enhanced vessel protection.
Advanced System Monitoring Input/Output voltage monitoring for consistent controlled dynamic protection.
!Blast! Function – Increased Protection Advanced CleanAHull Ultrasonic !Blast! Function, provides enhanced protection. Meticulously developed algorithm to produce the perfect !Blast! output, all automated!
Low Power Consumption and Battery Monitoring Built-in smarts for reduced power consumption and low battery protection.
Automatic Input Voltage Selection – 12V or 24V Low voltage input for safety, durability, reliability and simplicity. System will automatically handle either 12V or 24V.
CleanAHull Transducer Design Neat minimal design for simple installation in all Marine Vessels/Environments. With most situations requiring install in a tight location, under an engine or in a hard to reach location, we have focused on ensuring our devices are as small as possible!
Quality Circuitry Design and Development Only the highest quality components are used in GlobaTech products.
Safety First Low voltage input, Plug and Play installation, encapsulated electronics and more.
Marine Grade IP65 Enclosure The CleanAHull system boasts a High Temp Rated Fire Resistance Enclosure – up to 125°C (-40°C to +125°C), which is water resistant and dust proof.
Australian Made Quality Designed, Developed and Manufactured in Australia. Australian Ingenuity and Quality.