Ultrasonic Antifouling CleanAHull Double

Price: $1995 USD

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Product Description

The CleanaHull Ultrasonic Antifouling protection system utilizes industry leading technology and the latest in-house developed transducer technology. By emitting multiple very specific frequency bursts through a vast range of frequencies the system protects the hull from algae growth and barnacles.

The Ultrasonic sound waves emitted through the hull create an environment of microscopic cavitation bubbles. These bubbles cause a very unique environment in the immediate vicinity of the hull when the microscopic bubbles implode, splitting the sidewall of single cell microscopic organisms such as algae. The cavitation has the added benefit of a scrubbing effect helping keep the hull clean. The removal of the initial algae growth inhibits the food chain for further growth of barnacles and other marine life that feed on the algae, effectively producing an environment that is inhabitable by algae and barnacles.

Suitable for all types of hull materials except wood.

Package Contents

  • 1 x CleanAHull Quad control Module with 5m Battery Cable
  • 2 x Transducer Mounting Footprints
  • 2 x Ultrasonic Transducers each with 10m of transducer cable
  • 1 x JB-Weld Bonding Epoxy Adhesive
  • 1 x Loctite 515
  • 1 x Installation Instructions / Manual Booklet
  • 1 x In-Line Fuse Holder
  • 1 x Package of spare fuses



CleanAHull Control Module

The Central Brains of the system, provides power to the Transducers. The CleanAHull system provides live status on the built in LCD display.

CleanAHull Transducer 50W Peak

In-House developed transducer for vastly improved output. The Transducers are installed in strategic locations on the inside of the hull and drive the Ultrasonic Output into the hull.

CleanAHull Transducer Mounting Footprint

The CleanAHull system comes with these helpful mounting footprints.  The footprints provide a simple mounting procedure and servicable transducers. Alternatively Transducers can be installed by bonding directly in place.

JB Weld Epoxy Adhesive

JB Weld Epoxy is the perfect bonding agent for the hull, works well with GPR, Aluminum and Steel! The JB Weld provides the best bond for ultimate transference of the Ultrasonic Signal.

Multiple Input Voltage

Loctite 515 Cyanoacrylate provides the perfect medium for transference of the Ultrasonic Signal through  the Footprint. To be used between the footprint and the Transducer if the Footprint is used.

Fuse Holder

We provide the In-Line fuse to make installation simpler. This can be used where required. We also provide the appropriate fuse to go into this holder.



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