Technical Specifications

CleanAHull Ultrasonic Antifouling system is the most advanced, reliable and highest quality Ultrasonic Antifouling System available Worldwide. Manufactured in Australia in a state of the art facility. View our detailed specifications below and feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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CleanABoat Ultrasonic Antifouling Protection Module Front View

CleanAHull System

CleanAHull Ultrasonic Antifouling Pod Height: 70mm Width: 81mm Length: 99mm

CleanAHull Transducer

Weight: ~150g

UApod Ultrasonic Antifouling Satellite Transducer Height: 62mm Diameter: 60mm

CleanAHull Mounting Footprint

Weight: ~20g

UApod Ultrasonic Antifouling Satellite Transducer Height: 62mm Diameter: 60mm Ultrasonic Antifouling Pod Connections


    • 5m – 12-24VDC power cable from CleanAhull
    • IP 67 Cable Glands for

each Transducer output

  • On Circuit board secure screw terminals for Transducer cable termination

CleanAHull Transducer

  • 10m Transducer Cabling
  • Transducers are IP68 Rated
  • Fitted with supporting rubber grommet for protection
  • Encapsulated Transducer


CleanABoat Ultrasonic Antifouling Protection Module Front View

Hull Transducer Specifications:-

  • Output Power (Peak): 50WEach Transducer utilises advanced duty cycle for maximum output with only ~200mAh power consumption @ 12VDC!
  • Mounting: Patented CleanAHull Footprint or Direct Bonding
CleanABoat Ultrasonic Antifouling Transducer


UApod Ultrasonic Antifouling Protection Module Tech Spec Functions

  • Sleep Function: 3 or 6 Hour Sleep modes. Button on front panel of module. Press once to enable 3 hours sleep – Press twice to enable 6 hours. The unit will then countdown the timer on the LCD panel. When Sleep is operating the Status LED will flash slowly Blue Only. Transducer operation will cease until the countdown expires.
  • Error Notifications: Detailed Error status will be displayed using the LCD display. Buzzer will sound on Errors to attract attention to the problem.
  • Power Button: Main Power On/Off control
  • Active Self Monitoring: Internal Input and Output Current Monitoring, Temperature Monitoring and Active Output control ensures ultra long operating life and best possible Ultrasonic Protection.

Below is an outline of the core functions of the built in LCD display, showing critical relevent information.

UApod Ultrasonic Antifouling Satellite Transducer Height: 62mm Diameter: 60mm


UApod Ultrasonic Antifouling Pod Power Consumption

Total Power Consumption Figures based on specific configuration options below. These vary due to the automatic variation control

CleanAHull Double (2 Transducers) :-

  • Average Amps ~ 420mA @ 12 VDC

CleanAHull Quad (4 Transducers) :-

  • Average Amps ~ 840mA @ 12 VDC

Standby / Off or Error State:-

  • Average Amps ~15mA @ 12 VDC
24VDC Figures are typically 50 – 70% that of 12VDC. Ultrasonic Antifouling Safety Features

  • Internal Temperature control system with active compensation ensures system never exceeds operating range, increased life of electronics and optimal protection
  • Internal power monitoring
  • Onboard Monitoring and Isolation Function
  • Individual Fuses for each Transducer output

  • Sealed Enclosure (IP65) Dust Proof & Water Resistant
  • IP68 Transducers
  • Low Voltage Input
  • Ignition Protected
  • Transient Voltage Protection
  • High Quality Auto Switching 12-24V Input
  • High Temp Rated Fire Resistance Enclosure – up to 125°C (-40°C to +125°C)

UApod Ultrasonic Antifouling Ratings

Module Enclosure: IP65. -40 to +125C.

Transducers: IP68 Waterproof connector

Gold Immersion PCB Finish: Circuit Boards are Electroless nickel immersion gold (ENIG) coated for the highest quality and longevity in harsh environments. Gold Immersion has a much more robust and long lasting finish than the more inexpensive HASL finish that is typically used. All Circuit boards are also Conformally Coated prior to shipment for added protection from the harsh marine environment. Globatech Australia Gold Immersion Manufacturing

CLHUD - CleanAHull Ultrasonic Antifouling System


CleanAHull Double – CLHUD
CleanAHull Quad – CLHUQ
Input Voltage
Auto-Selecting 12VDC or 24VDC Input.
Enclosure Rating
IP65 Water resistant, dust proof. -40 to +125C. Made from Marine Grade High Temp resistant Plastic, White in Color
Power Consumption
Avg. 420mA with 2 Transducers @12VDC
24VDC Consumption Ratings are typically 50-70% that of 12VDC
Avg. 840mA with 4 Transducers @ 12VDC
24VDC Consumption Ratings are typically 50-70% that of 12VDC 
Transducer Output
2 Individually fused and protected Transducer Outputs
4 Individually fused and protected Transducer Outputs
LCD Status Display
All Units have constant status monitoring with a number of LCD display screens for up to the second details.
Sleep Function
All Units have Sleep Option. 3 & 6 Hour Sleep timer function.