Alloy Yachts – 186′ Mondango 3

Launched December 2013

Full vessel antifouling protection of Sea chests, Piping, Strainers, Centerboard and Hull with CleanAHull Advanced Ultrasonic Antifouling



Ultrasonic Antifouling 14 Months

Innovation 55 ft. Power Cat

Mackay Harbour Marina, North QLD, Australia

 “Just pulled my boat out for an inspection after fitting the CleanAHull Ultrasonic some 14 months ago. I can only say how pleasantly surprised I was at the condition of the hull, props, rudders and foils, and the small amount of growth visible. The key areas of running gear were all unbelievably clean. I gave this a try as an option to antifouling my boat every 12 months, hoping that it was as good an option that was described, I can now say that it is!”

– Lyle Gilmore, Owner, May 2013



Alloy Yachts – 130′ Janice of Wyoming

Launched 2005

Winner of ShowBoats International Award and Finalist for Boat International World Superyacht Award. Larry and Jan Finch Owners. www.syjow.us

Protection of Sea chests and Strainers with CleanAHull Advanced Ultrasonic Antifouling


Beneteau 343

Beneteau 343

Cricket Cove Marina, Little River, SC, (April – October). Reserve Harbor Yacht Club, Pawleys Island, SC (November – March)

“Quite honestly I have been extremely pleased with the operation of my transducers mounted on my boat. Even the diver who regularly inspects my boat and changes my zincs is amazed by the effectiveness of these. Since installing them last spring I’ve had virtually no growth or slime on the bottom of my boat.”

– April 2012


Odyssey, 55 ft. Nordhavn

Sarasota, FloridaNordhavn


 “We departed Sarasota on April 15th for a three month cruise to the Bahamas.  The day before we left we had the bottom cleaned, and the diver reported that the bottom paint was in fair condition (painted in March 2012 with Sea Hawk Biocop TF Black so now over two years old).  By the time we reached Bimini the grass at the water line on the port side was about 4” long, the bottom and stabilizers were white with growth with many barnacles.

As we were waiting for weather for a few days, I took the opportunity to install the CleanAHull Ultrasonic Antifouling System I had acquired from Ultra-Sonitec.com before leaving Miami.  The installation took about 12 hours with a bit of help from my first mate in pulling the wire runs.  I then cleaned the bottom, which took me about 6 hours!

It is now five weeks since the installation and I am extremely pleased with the results!  No grass, no barnacles, and only a thin coating of slime, which easily wipes off with a scotch pad!  Even in areas where the paint is worn off, and the underwater light lenses, are free of growth!  These are excellent results, especially considering that we have been at anchor for most of the past five weeks rather than underway almost every day as in the first part of our cruise.

I have no financial interest in Ultra-Sonitec, just a satisfied customer.”

 Don Payzant, Owner, June 2014


Cruisers 5000 – Sedan Sport

Siesta Key, Florida                                                                                                                                 (file photo)Cruisers 5000

“It is not often you find a product that you want to rave about, but I have found one. In this case it’s called Ultra-SoniTec’s CleanAHull ultrasonic antifouling system.

I do my own bottom cleaning on my Cruisers 5000 sedan sport. That’s a 50 foot boat with a lot of bottom. I typically use the boat once a month for a four day weekend trip. That means it usually sits for the best part of a month and grows barnacles and slime (this is Southwest Florida and the boat is in the water all year). A dirty bottom means it’s very difficult to get on plane and is very cost inefficient. I installed the Ultra-SoniTec CleanAHull System in the beginning of May 2014 and I have not had to clean the bottom once in the nine months since it was installed. The bottom paint was over a year old and not far from having to be hauled and painted. According to Ultra-SoniTec, you can double and triple the life of bottom paint, depending on the paint used.

What slime builds up on the bottom is dead and washes right off when the boat starts moving. On the side of the boat where it is in the sun, to test if it works I just rub my hand along the hull and the slime just flakes off. I’ve gone underwater to check the bottom and you can hear a beep, beep, beep sound from the ultrasonic unit under the boat, but there is no sound inside the boat.

The savings in fuel, paying a diver, and haul out, more than pays for the equipment. Installation is extremely simple. Just grind a smooth spot on the inside of the hull and glue down the transducers. Then you wire the transducers to the CleanAHull Control unit. Each transducer covers approximately a 15 foot radius. My understanding is that you have to have bottom paint for it to work most effectively. Places where there are no anti-fouling paint can grow barnacles. On boats with balsa core hulls you have to cut through to the inner layer of fiberglass, remove the balsa wood, and then seal and reinforce the area before installing the units. That’s all there is to it. Simple to install, maintenance free, and cost efficient.

Michael Cuttler, January 2015