Odyssey, 55 ft. Nordhavn, Sarasota, Florida

We departed Sarasota on April 15th for a three month cruise to the Bahamas.  The day before we left we had the bottom cleaned, and the diver reported that the bottom paint was in fair condition (painted in March 2012 with Sea Hawk Biocop TF Black so now over two years old).  By the time we reached Bimini the grass at the water line on the port side was about 4” long, the bottom and stabilizers were white with growth with many barnacles.

As we were waiting for weather for a few days, I took the opportunity to install the CleanAHull Ultrasonic Antifouling System I had acquired from Ultra-Sonitec.com before leaving Miami.  The installation took about 12 hours with a bit of help from my first mate in pulling the wire runs.  I then cleaned the bottom which took me about 6 hours!

It is now five weeks since the installation and I am extremely pleased with the results!  No grass, no barnacles and only a thin coating of slime, which easily wipes off with a scotch pad!  Even in areas where the paint is worn off, and the underwater lights lenses, are free of growth!  These are excellent results, especially considering that we have been at anchor for most of the past five weeks rather than underway almost every day as in the first part of our cruise.

I have no financial interest in Ultra-Sonitec, just a satisfied customer.

Don Payzant