What part of your boat do you NOT want to protect from fouling? Using too few transducers will force you to have to make that decision!

One of the troubling trends we discovered in our research on ultrasonic antifouling is manufacturers and distributors making claims of performance with an extremely limited number of transducers.  Many claim a protection area of 30 ft. diameter (15 ft. radius) for each transducer, some claim even more!  While this may be theoretically possible when installed on a substrate that is free of bulkheads, integral tanks, stringers, and other structure that is bonded to the substrate, seldom, if ever, is that the case with a boat hull.  Boat hulls have many integral structures bonded into them that attenuate the resonance level of ultrasonic frequencies, much the same as if you touched a speaker cone and experienced the drop in sound volume.

In reading magazine tests/reviews on the technology such as the Sail articles in which only two transducers were installed on a 39 ft. sailboat (we would specify four), the author states that he was generally pleased with the results as he had less fouling than if he didn’t have the system.  I guess that could generate the thought of – “I will put in fewer transducers than actually needed, so now all I have to do is decide what part of my hull I don’t want protected”.  This defeats the entire purpose of hull protection utilizing ultrasonic antifouling technology.  No one would paint only part of their hull with antifouling paint, so why install less transducers than are actually needed?  I guess it is driven by believing overreaching claims, and the high cost of the average two transducer systems generally being offered.

At Ultra-SoniTec, we want to provide the best hull protection possible at the most reasonable price.  CleanAHull is not only the most advanced ultrasonic technology in the world, it’s also the only four transducer system available.  Attaining proper coverage is not only possible, it’s now affordable!

Have a safe 4th of July on the water, celebrating our wonderful nation’s birthday!